First2Act for Nursing Students

First2Act Simulation Interface

University lead training program, designed to give you a boost in your OSCEs or clinical placements.

An online patient simulation to challenge you in recognising and managing deteriorating patients in a safe, engaging way.

The training program provides you with the opportunity to practice the most common acute patient scenarios in a hospital setting. Learn and practice skills in recognising and managing deteriorating patients. The simulations are designed to be fun and engaging, yet with the added stress of an acutely ill patient.

You can practice your decision-making skills under pressure, but have the added benefit of repeating attempts as often as you like.


5 adult and 2 obstetric scenarios available. Repeat sims as often as you like.

Designed for health professionals, FIRST2ACT™ includes 5 acute care and 2 obstetric emergency scenarios.

Each 8-minute online scenario requires you to choose the most appropriate interventions for the patient, followed by personalised, dynamic feedback, helping you to improve.

10+ Unis

Uni students around the world have access to the program, make sure you’re one of them!

We have more than ten universities with institutional access, but many more students from other universities accessing the program independently.

The program has been developed by universities with university students in mind, and while it’s backed by lots of research, it’s also just plain fun.


20K students have completed and reviewed since the program’s inception.

Since the program began, 20,000 students and health professionals have worked through the program.

Reviews overwhelmingly state that the program is engaging, stimulating and beneficial for learning, highlighting specific areas where they can improve and practice.

Student feedback: “A really fantastic way of combining theory and practice in a virtual format. Highly enjoyable and got me thinking. Very well thought out.”

We use live video, rather than avatars, to create a more realistic situation that provides a level of empathy that you experience with real patients. You will be able to perform a range of interventions to manage deteriorating patients in a short eight minute time-frame. On completion, you will receive dynamic feedback based on your decisions. As you progress through the scenarios, you will build your knowledge and skills, and you can repeat any scenarios you wish to improve on.

Student feedback: “Thank you. Honestly, I was really nervous about attempting this task but overall it was a fantastic learning experience that I would consider completing again.”

First2Act learning aims

Provide scenarios that create a sense of pressure –
mirroring your clinical placements.

Encourage you to identify presenting condition(s) and to apply a systematic approach to care.

Provide you with numerous care options to develop decision strategies.

Provide you with substantial and detailed feedback to enable practice improvements.

The first scenario is free, so you can try before you buy.

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First2Act best-practice, research and design

The First2Act simulation program is based on six years of university research and provides dynamic feedback to the participants in relation to their performance, with the ability to be repeated multiple times.

Since this initial research, we have continually refined and expanded our program from three acute adult patient scenarios to five, and additionally, two obstetric scenarios. We utilise recognised best practice in Australia and Internationally in our training.

As an online simulation training program, First2Act was initially created for third year nursing students at major Australian universities, along with the funding support from the Office of Learning and Teaching.