Welcome to the First2ActWeb program. Immediately below there are two short videos that illustrate how the web-based scenarios were developed and how to use them. At the bottom of this page, you can read the project objectives. (To access the full program click ‘Get started’).

About the Program


Hospital patients who are deteriorating physiologically are frequently mismanaged, leading to international concerns over patient safety. Following a series of studies examining the performance of nursing and midwifery students, and qualified staff in simulated settings, we developed a program of learning called FIRST2ACT Web™, which in recent studies has been found to have a significant impact on clinical practice (Kinsman et al 2012; Cooper et al 2017).

Demonstration of the simulations

Version 1 of this online program has been available to healthcare professionals since September 2013. This current Version 2 includes additional adult scenarios and a new obstetric emergency program.

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