First2Act for Universities

First2Act Simulation Interface

Researched, designed and developed by universities, for universities.

An online patient simulation to challenge nursing students on managing deteriorating patients in a safe but engaging way.

The program provides students with the opportunity to practice in a safe yet stressful simulation environment. We use live video to create a more realistic situation that provides a level of empathy for the patient. Students perform interventions and learn to recognise and manage deteriorating patients in an eight minute time-frame, receiving dynamic feedback based on their decisions. They progress through the scenarios, building their knowledge and skills, and can repeat any scenarios they wish to improve on.


5 adult and 2 obstetric scenarios available.

Designed for students and health professionals, FIRST2ACT™ includes 5 acute care and 2 obstetric emergency scenarios.

Each 8-minute online scenario requires students to choose the most appropriate interventions for the patient, followed by personalised, dynamic feedback, helping students to improve.

24 Studies

24 published papers, plus independent research projects.

The program has been subjected to a raft of evaluation studies, including 24 published papers, which have demonstrated positive improvements in skill, knowledge and confidence in the management of deteriorating patients, and in a recent report, significant improvements in clinical practice.


20K completions and reviews since inception.

Since the program began, 20,000 students and health professionals have worked through the program.

Reviews overwhelmingly state that the program is engaging, stimulating and beneficial for learning, highlighting specific areas where they can improve and practice.

First2Act learning aims

  • Provide scenarios that create a sense of pressure – mirroring clinical practice.
  • Encourage students to identify presenting condition(s) and to apply a systematic approach to care.
  • Provide numerous care options to develop decision strategies.
  • Based on performance, generate substantial and detailed feedback to enable practice improvements.

Cost effective way to deliver and grade educational content

Grading is automated, and easy to upload to an LMS. Plus – the students love using it (we know because we asked them).

A few reasons to use First2Act

  • F2A evaluates students’ knowledge, confidence and competence pre and post so you can see what students are learning and how they are improving
  • Simulations cover a range of common acute patient deterioration scenarios such as; stroke, AMI, shock, COPD, hypoglycaemia, pre-eclampsia and PPH
  • Ability to collect student data on registration so you can group students according to class, campus and subjects
  • Customised course structure so you can deliver only the content you need to different student groups
  • Educator portal to track student progress over time
  • 12 months access for students for repeat attempts at the scenarios
  • Easy to download CSV with student results ready for your LMS
  • Cost effective as an assessment tool as there is no need to pay for marking hours
  • First2Act is an agile business so we can be flexible when trying to get your students onboard

First2Act delivers

Students can be given scenarios in the set order via two streams; adult or obstetric. However, the system also has the ability to set specific scenarios for student groups (subject cohorts). For example, a student could be shown only scenarios 3 & 5. The scenarios can also be delivered as assessments (with a limited number of attempts, or delivery in random order).

First2Act will track areas such as student performance, logging interactions, and results. These can be viewed in an educator portal for easy viewing, or downloaded as a CSV for importing into an LMS.

Students will be given education material (in the form of video presentation) and a pdf, plus instructions on using the simulations. Students will also receive a 14 point MCQ pre and post, designed to show areas of learning specific to the simulations. Evaluations in confidence are also measured.

We typically set up your program so that students only need to use their university email account to verify their identity and gain free access to the program. This is also helpful for you to identify student results. We can also collect first and last name, student id’s, subject/module codes, and campus/site. 

We have a flexible sign up process, however, most common setups include the university paying for students to gain free access or a discounted rate for students to pay when accessing the program.

We are happy to work with your needs to get our simulations in line with your course and education goals, as we have done with a number of Australian and International universities already.

First2Act research and design

The First2Act simulation program is based on six years of university research and provides dynamic feedback to the participants in relation to their performance, with the ability to be repeated multiple times.

Since this initial research, we have continually refined and expanded our program from three acute adult patient scenarios to five, and additionally, two obstetric scenarios.

As an online simulation training program, First2Act was initially created for third year nursing students at major Australian universities, along with the funding support from the Office of Learning and Teaching.