Why can’t I perform more than one intervention at a time?

In order for the First2Act program to accurately measure your performance, it requires us to limit you to performing one intervention at a time. In order to compensate for this limitation, the timer is paused while communicating with the patient about their condition, and all interventions and observations have been shortened to allow you to perform more tasks in less time.

It may not always feel like the videos are shortened enough, but this is a culmination of feeling the time pressure provided by the simulations count down, and the anomaly that we always feel we could do this faster in real life. The reality is that these videos are shorter than the actual time it would take, and that the experience of time is subjective. The old adage “Time flies when you’re having fun” is a powerful example of this experience. While we appreciate the frustration you might feel when things go slowly, especially under pressure, we can assure you that we have given you enough time to complete all the necessary tasks.